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Blaze Rips Through Nestlingwood Road Home

Construction Begins on Tanners Brook Bridge

Construction expected to keep East Valley Brook Road closed until around May 2.

East Valley Brook road is closed to all traffic other than local on the road.

The re-constructed bridge is expected to include spread footing, all-new guardrails, and an all-new venere to replace what is currently there.

“The bridge is pretty much worn out and needs to be replaced,” said Dave Pierce, the foreman of the bridge re-construction project. “I have no idea how long ago it was built, but it’s pretty worn out.”

The project, which is expected to cost roughly $540,000, features a total re-construction of the bridge. The narrow bridge may also be widened marginally as a result of the project, but Pierce does not anticipate any major changes to the bridge’s width.

“It’s going to be a little wider; it’s not going to be anything crazy,” said Pierce. “It’s not gonna be re-aligned or anything like that; it’s pretty much going back the way it is.”

The project is expected to take about two months, with an expected completion date of Monday, May 2.


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