From Carnegie Hall to Heath Village, Siblings Perform to Bring Joy to Others

Tyler and Thomas Xing volunteer their time and performances at Heath Village weekly and have garnered accolades from Carnegie Hall.

Thomas and Tyler Xing. Photo Courtesy Lan Ma.
Thomas and Tyler Xing. Photo Courtesy Lan Ma.

Whether it’s a local retirement community or one of the most notable stages in the world, Tyler and Thomas Xing do it for the love of performing and giving back.

The Long Valley sister and brother performed together at the Weilly Recital at Carnegie Hall in December, the first time the siblings have graced the New York stage together.

They were invited to perform there as a result of their first place finish in 10th Russian Music Festival.

But it’s their weekly performances at the Heath Village Retirement Community that has helped their love of showcasing musical talents grow. It’s here – where they have never canceled a volunteer performance in three years – each takes an opportunity to play on the piano and delight the seniors in attendance.

As each show progresses, Thomas Xing, a sixth grader at Long Valley Middle School, will take over the keys and let little sister Tyler, a fourth grader at Flocktown-Kossmann School, don her ballet shoes and dance to the music. 

Both stages – at Carnegie Hall and Heath Village – are equally special to the performers, they said, as performing for the seniors and making them happy brings joy to the youngsters.

After the Carnegie Hall performance, Tyler Xing said she couldn’t wait to show the seniors at Heath Village the photos from the New York City performance. 

Both students are also involved in the Long Valley Performing Group, a non-profit organization that sponsors youth concerts at local schools and churches.

Thomas Xing is scheduled to perform again in February after his first place finish at Crescendo International Competition.

Information and photos provided by Lan Ma. 

Not Domino January 09, 2014 at 11:40 PM
Are their Heath Village performances open to the public?
Lan Ma January 10, 2014 at 07:57 PM
Unfortunately not. They perform in the dining room while the seniors have dinner. Only the residents and there relatives are allowed. But LVPG is organizing the 3rd annual Talent Showcase for Flocktown event on March 14th 7-9 pm. It is open to public. Tyler will perform during that show. Thomas might, also.
faith March 03, 2014 at 06:08 PM
I just saw this story.. and kudos to those two children.. I love that they perform for Seniors.. it is such a nice thing that they do and having visited Seniors before, you know how much they appreciate it. Good luck to them and keep up the great endeavors.


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