Colorado Shooting Victim to Get Community's Help

Owner of Byram's Salt restaurant to host fundraiser to assist with Jacci Fry's medical expenses.

When Bradley Boyle, the owner of the Salt Gastropub in Byram, heard a local woman he knew was among those injured in the Colorado shooting at the premiere of the new Batman movie last week, he had to do something to help.

He knows Jacci Fry's family, and, besides, he says it's always been important for both he and his wife to be involved in the community.

"I've known them for quite some time," Boyle said. "Our kids went to school together and Jacci was a customer of ours at the restaurant."

So Boyle, along with his wife, decided to host a fundraiser at their restaurant. The fundraiser will be held this Monday and Tuesday night from 5 to 10 p.m.

"If we have the opportunity to do something like this, it's kind of our responsibility to do it," he said. "They're just great people. They're a part of this community. They're all real nice...just a really, really nice family."

According to Boyle, Fry is recovering after .

"She had surgery done on the knee," he said. "Physically, she is moving along."

Fry, a 23-year-old who is from Andover and graduated from Lenape Regional High School in 2007, moved to Colorado only a few months ago, after attending Dover Business College.

The fundraiser will provide money for various expenses the family has incurred as a result of the injuries.

"There are so many expenses that go into this," Boyle said. "Parents flying back and forth, paying rent, maybe therapy down the road."

All proceeds from the restaurant, not only from dinners but also from the bar, between the hours of 5 and 10 p.m. will go to the family. As of Sunday evening, Monday night was completely booked for dinners, but Tuesday night still had openings.

There will also be a silent auction and the restaurant is accepting any additional donations that guests want to make during the events.

Reservations can be made at 973-347-7258 and more information can be found at the Salt Gastropub website.


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