Long Valley Alpacas Get Spring Haircuts

Local four-legged friends get a trim.

If you heard any strange humming on Schooley's Mountain last Tuesday, it was coming from Flying Alpaca Farm and Fiber Shop.

Owners Edward Ball and his wife Julie Wiedemann-Ball where shearing their new herd of Alpacas.

Alpacas are know for their fiber, as it is as soft as cashmere, and as warm as wool, and has no lanolin in it which makes it wearable for those who may be allergic.

Alpacas get sheard once a year so their fiber can be processed and made into gloves, hats, socks, sweaters, etc. The Alpaca products can be purchased at Ed's Health Foods Store at its new location 180 Mountain Avenue in Hackettstown. 

Information and photos provided by Julie Wiedmann-Ball.


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