Long Valley Business Owner Offers Spiritual Science Meditation Classes

Valerie Lieberman also connects with animals through her company Val's Pals.

Does meditation help someone relate to pets? Long Valley resident Valerie Lieberman said, “Absolutely!”

Lieberman, a 30-year resident of Long Valley and co-owner of Val’s Pals, a pet-sitting business which she runs with her husband Arnie, is offering a series of meditation classes through her organization called Second Coming, The Center for Spiritual Awakening, beginning Thursday, April 28, at 7 p.m. at 16 Cindy Lane, Long Valley. 

A long time student and teacher of meditation, Lieberman said, “I've had many clients tell me that their animals accept and relate to me in a way that they don't exhibit with anyone else. I get them!”

She said, “Val’s Pals is a natural continuation of my relationship and regard for all living things. I've always had a spiritual connection with animals. I'm in awe of their uncomplicated motivations and unconditional love.”

Lieberman launched her pet-sitting business in 1996. By the end of 2000, her husband chose to quit his job in Manhattan to help her with Val’s Pals’ increasing client list. 

“And we're still at it. But it's so much more than a job or business... it's a way of life.  I wouldn't want to be spending mine any other way,” said Lieberman.

When she’s not caring for pets, she is focusing on her fascination and devotion to what she calls “spiritual science.”

“Spiritual Science seems the right place for me to be. It is a philosophy that by its very definition promotes the search for wisdom and understanding.  It is an ongoing study of all religions and belief systems. I believe that there is a power or energy or spirit, whatever term anyone chooses to use, that is present in all things and is available to anyone who desires to cultivate a relationship with it,” said Lieberman.

Lieberman said that Second Coming, Center for Spiritual Awakening, evolved organically.

“I didn't establish the Center for Spiritual Awakening as much as it took on a life of its own,” she said.

Lieberman began her spiritual studies over 30 years ago with Reverend Stefanie Najorka of the National Spiritual Science Center. She eventually became a group leader for the Association for Research and Enlightenment (ARE) and held weekly meetings in her Long Valley home.

“The Spiritual Science Center became the foundation for the lessons I presented.  Groups formed and disassembled through the years, but I was always willing to start up another one when the calls came.  At Second Coming, we encourage each individual to establish their own unique relationship with a higher power, whatever they conceive that to be,” said Lieberman.

In the current meditation series called Stairway to Heaven, Awakening Angels, Lieberman will be joined by Irene Sonja Fanane who is an Angel Therapy Practitioner, and is certified by Doreen Virtue. 

Lieberman will guide participants through the various stages of meditation.

“The practice will help to empower participants through exercises that will encourage and strengthen their own personal relationship with the Power of All Creation. Through communion with your Higher Self and Spirit Guides, you will receive messages of inspiration and healing for the earth, the group and yourself,” said Lieberman.

Lieberman said, “Irene Fanane will share her communications with angels and their awesome power and active participation in our lives. Everyone will have the opportunity to make a selection from a deck of angel cards and receive a brief message of illumination and blessing.”

Lieberman said, Second Coming will offer additional workshops and classes in the future led by respected leaders of the spiritual community as they become available.

She said a $20 token of consideration from each participant will be appreciated. The classes will be held from 7 to 8:30 p.m. every Thursday, beginning April 28 and participants are asked to reserve a space by calling 908-852-6878 or e-mailing  stairwaytoheaven@nac.net

For more information about Val’s Pals, Home Pet Care Services, visit the Web site: http://www.valspals.net/


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