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No LV Homes Sold, But 11 Gone in Nearby Towns

Two homes in Mendham top million dollar mark.

While no homes came off the market in Washington Township over the past week, nearly a dozen did in the neighboring Mendhams and Chesters. Take a look at which homes changed hands recently.

Chester Borough

Address Style Total Rooms Bedrooms Bathrooms Price 79 Collins Lane Colonial 11 4 4.1 $755,000 63 Collins Lane Colonial 10 5 2.1 $790,000

Chester Township

Address Style Total Rooms Bedrooms Bathrooms Price 40 Cora Lane Bi-Level 8 3 2 $380,000

Mendham Borough

Address Style Total Rooms Bedrooms Bathrooms Price 81 Hampshire Drive Townhouse End-Unit 9 3 2.1 $470,000 6 Babbitt Road Split-level Colonial 9 5 2.1 $575,000 68 Wexford Drive Townhouse End-Unit 8 4 3.1 $612,500 9 Loryn Lane Colonial  9 5 3.1 $729,000 21 Pleasant Valley Road Colonial 13 4 3.1 $1,210,000 90 Spring Hill Road Custom Home 14 5 6 $1,312,500

Mendham Township

Address Style Total Rooms Bedrooms Bathrooms Price 49 Walsingham Road Colonial 9 5 3.1 $910,000 5 Cedar Lane Colonial 12 4 3.2 $950,000
MaryLynn Schiavi July 08, 2012 at 08:51 PM
We're not selling homes here because we need a community pool. How much would it add to our taxes if we were to install an Olympic sized community pool -- maybe in the valley area where we can look up at the mountains while swimming in the crystalline water. I sure wish we had a pool!
GiGi Richards July 09, 2012 at 02:25 AM
A pool would be great, but I will venture to say that is not the reason for lack of home sales. LV has taxes that are too high, our water bills are too high and our school district is in havoc. We have a mayor and committee men who do nothing to move our town forward with the times. Unfortunately, most of us now have homes worth less than the price we paid for them.
1819 July 09, 2012 at 02:59 AM
A house is purchased when monthly mortgage payments seem to meet value. Many large homes in Long Valley carry property tax bills of 15k, 18k, and more. 80 percent of these costs are schools. The number of children we educate is officially projected to drop by one third from its high of a few years back. The WT K-8 school system is doing nothing to address that reality and "right-size" that property tax bill the prospective buyer is looking at. When the $5 million or so that needs to come off the K-8 BOE budget filters back to house listings cost sheets, Long Valley properties will perhaps be more appealing. Until then, why not buy in more eastern, more "prestigious" Chester and Mendham if the tax burden is so similiar? So, no, a pool isn't the answer. There are plenty of houses on the markets with pools. Those aren't selling either. Hey Jason, how about an update on the WT-K-8 Official Committee To Stall for A Year On Budget Cuts. I hear it has dwindled to a bunch of school employees sitting around figuring out how to spend money like they won the lottery.


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