Long Valley Residents Seeing Different Storms

Hurricane Irene hitting the mountain, valley in various ways.

Residents throughout Washington Township are experiencing all different effects from Hurricane Irene, with some losing power and some barely seeing a problem.

The following comments came in from residents on the Long Valley Facebook Page, which can be accessed here:

"No power on Beaver Brook Drive," said Jason Bridge.

"The homes at the top of Naughright still have power also. I haven't been out to see damage, but my neighbor was able to drive down Naughright but had to turn around at Bartley/Coleman," said Aimee Steck Bush.

"No power at Old Farmers. Surprise. Old Farmers ALWAYS loses power," said Patricia Homer.

"I live on Schooleys Mountain and we have power...not alot of cars on the road. Just a stream of water running along side the road..no damage to our property," said Amy Teneralli.

"Power on Flocktown/Bentley Way. Lots of runoff, few cars on the road. Wind not at all bad," said Richard Fincher.

KC August 28, 2011 at 01:07 PM
Made it through the night on Quail Run without losing power, a few small branches down in the back yard but nothing substantial, sump pump is working overtime, thankfully, so no water inside either. Fingers crossed it stays this way.


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