Sandy Aftermath, Election Tops Local News

It was a week no one in Washington Township will soon forget.

There were a lot of stories written this week and a lot of comments made. But the variety of topics didn’t spread too far, as just one question remained on the minds of all readers: When is my power being restored?

It was a long, crazy week for our town, mixed with some uncertainty around Halloween and one of the most important elections in recent memory. Click on the headlines to see what happened.

All Things Related to Hurricane Sandy

Rather than point you in the direction of a single story, click on this headline and take a look at all our Hurricane Sandy coverage, from before the storm to the most recent article posted. Take a few minutes to look at power outage progressions and promises made by Jersey Central Power & Light as the days went on.

Long Valley Patch Election Central

Amidst the closed roads, shut schools and lack of electricity, the country took part in an election this week–a pretty major one at that. Turnout in Washington Township, especially considering the circumstances, was fantastic. Check out our election central page to see who won which seats, and what voters were thinking about at the polls.

Should Washington Township Have Halloween?

The day has come and gone, but the question was a contentious one this week. After trick-or-treating hours were moved multiple times over the course of 10 days, many residents felt the festivities shouldn’t be held at all. So we posed the question to readers, who had plenty to say on the issue. What’s your take?

Next door in Hackettstown, a longtime resident felt she couldn’t sit by and watch the struggles taking place at the New Jersey Shore, and wanted to do something about. That’s when Shannon Colditz sprung into action and put together an effort that amounted to four trucks full of donated goods for displaced residents in those communities. Click on the headline for this amazing story.

Twp. Extends Tax Payment Grace Period 4 Days

Because of the loss of power and closure of the Washington Township Municipal Building, fourth quarter tax payments were postponed an additional four days. Non-interest bearing payments can be submitted before Nov. 16 to the tax collector. Find out more details in the story. 


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