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GOP Club Chief: Larsen Running For Himself, Not the Party

Bill Wolgamuth of Washington Township says congressional candidate not looking to help Republican Party as a whole.

David Larsen. Patch File Photo
David Larsen. Patch File Photo

Dear editor, 

I am the president of the Washington Township Republican Club. Perennial congressional candidate, David Larsen, recently addressed our Club. I tried going in with an open mind, and was genuinely interested in hearing whar Mr. Larsen had to say.

A reservation that I have always held about Mr. Larsen lies in his failure to endorse Congressman Lance after Lance defeated him in both the 2010 and 2012 primary elections. I have no problem with competition during the primary cycle, but after the votes are counterd, the entire party should unite behind the victorious candidate.

When it came time for Q & A, I asked Mr. Larsen if he lost to Congressman Leonard Lance in the primary election again, would he endorse him for the general election against the Democratic opponet. Mr. Larsen replied that he would not endorse Congressman Lance if he was defeated.  My reservations were validated, as it seems Mr. Larsen is interested in promoting himself rather than supporting the Party.

Mr. Larsen claims to be a principled conservative, but after hearing his continued reluctance to endorse Congressman Lance, he sounds more like a principled loser. We need candidates who put the goals of the Republican Party ahead of their own.

Bill Wolgamuth
Long Valley Resident  
President of Washington Township Republican Club

Editor's note: David Larsen is running against Congressman Leonard Lance to represent the seventh Congressional District of New Jersey, which includes Washington Township. 

Chuck Ruff May 10, 2014 at 12:35 PM
Here's a bit of history, History WT. In the 1980 primary, George H W Bush referred to Ronald Reagan's proposed economic plan as "voodoo economics". Despite that, when Reagan won the nomination, he still chose Bush to be his running mate. Why? Because even though the elder Bush criticized his plan, Reagan knew that he would be a good running mate, so he set aside his pride for the good of his party. Four years later, democratic opponents Walter Mondale and Gary Hart roundly criticized each other during the primary. When Hart dropped out (partly because pics emerged of him with his mistress), he through his support behind Mondale for the good of their party. When Hart was questioned about this, he quipped: "hey, at least I never accused him of witchcraft".
History WT May 11, 2014 at 03:21 AM
Chuck, you mention POTUS level endorsements, which is a different thing entirely from a Congressional race. There are cards to trade. In the case you cite, why would Bush the First back Reag---oh, he became Veep. If Billary had just smiled for the handshake and sat out that election, she wouldn't be number three in the admin with an implied or tacit promise of future support for her own future run. This has nothing to do with Lance v. Larsen. Larsen is not going to get the Vice Congressman job. Question I don't know the answer to -- did Larsen support Lance last time Lance beat him?
Harmoni Trimmer June 02, 2014 at 09:08 AM
If Mr. lance was a true Republican, meaning he would not vote most of the time with the LEFT, then an endorsement by his opponent Mr. Larsen would be appropriate.........! Since Lance is your typical RINO, it is refreshing to have a principled candidate like Mr. Larsen who rather looses than getting a Rep. that does not meet conservative standards - Voting for Lance means - voting Liberal ! Face it, the spinless GOP has let us down ! Therefore, the argument made by Mr. Wolgomuth is selfseving !!!


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