Issues – Not Party – Reason to Support Congressional Challenger, Resident Says

Washington Twp. voter says GOP Club chief's decision to support incumbent not based on conservative values.

Dear Editor,

If you peal away all the layers of an onion, what's left? The Republican party has pealed away its support from its conservative base by reelecting time and time again, the same old moderate congressman. These Congressman imbed themselves in Washington D.C., not to represent the interests of their constituents, but instead, to represent crony capitalists, and vote to advance Barack Obama's agenda, while increasing their net worth.

In this case, Congressman Leonard Lance, who campaigns like a conservative at election time, but votes like a liberal, Democrat during his term. According to "Heritage Action for America," who keeps score on how congress votes on conservative issues, Rep. Leonard Lance only votes 49 percent of the time for conservative causes. 

Moreover, Rep. Lance voted with Barack Obama three times to raise the debt ceiling to fund the Affordable Care Act, and with it, the erosion of religious liberty and mandated funding for abortion. Notwithstanding Rep. Lance's mailers, paid for with tax payer dollars, proclaiming his pro-life record, Rep. Lance is pro-choice. Rep. Lance is a dues paying member of Republicans for Choice, a political action committee comprised of moderate and liberal Republicans who support legalized abortion.  

Rep. Lance's positions on the issues go against the core principles of the Conservative base of the Republican party. There's nothing there for Conservatives to vote for, and for those reasons it shouldn't be a surprise to my friend Bill Wolgamouth that Mr. Larsen won't support Mr. Lance if he wins the election. And it shouldn't matter, unless that is, Bill had already made up his mind who he was supporting beforehand. With that said, I greatly understand and appreciate what Bill is saying about party unity, however, Mr. Larsen should be supported based on his positions on the issues, not on who he will hypothetically support in the general election.

Tomas Lotito
Washington Township
Harmoni Trimmer June 02, 2014 at 09:37 AM
Mr. Ruff and Mr. Patterson ! It is the strangest thing to read your postings. You accuse the "Right-Wing" and Tea-Party of being hostile and detrimental to the "so" moderate GOP-candidates ............have you stepped back and read your lines ?! If you do like moderate, than vote Democratic - that's what you are in the first place and that's what you are doing and promoting. ! It is with distress that one has to notice, that the so called "moderate Republicans" such as you, stub to the same tactics as the "Far Left", namely calling true Conservatives : "Right-Wing". The party-system needs balance, your candidates of the establishment do not offer this important quality. If Establishment-Republicans would have the same tenacity as their "Democrat" opponents (who are anything but democratic), we would have the satisfaction of balance in Government; sending your guys is like sending reinforcements to the enemy ! Best example is Mr. kmunning, confused and usually voting Democrat.........I rest my case !
Chuck Ruff June 02, 2014 at 06:44 PM
Mr. Trimmer, I don’t believe anyone assigned you the sole responsibility of deciding who should and should not be considered a “true conservative”. There are many republicans who believe in strong fiscal conservatism without getting on their moral high horses and preaching social values, and they are no less “real conservatives” than you are. Remember that the duty of any representative is to do what he or she feels is right for their constituents, NOT to vote 100 % along party lines at all times. In another thread, you called Mr. Lance a ‘RINO’. That makes my case better than anything I can say about the divisiveness in the GOP, for, do you know any similar name that democrats call their own party members when their views don’t align exactly with their own??? I rest my case!


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