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Column: Playing the Hurry Up and Wait Game

Long Valley Patch's editor gears up for becoming a father again.

How does the saying go? It’s time to hurry up and wait?

Well, in my opinion, there’s no better way to explain the 9-month-journey that is pregnancy.

My wife Nancy and I are expecting our second son this November. Our first child, Jacob, will be a big brother, and finally have someone to pick on.

These past eight months have been incredible. It seems so long ago Nancy and I were standing in the bathroom of our then-recently-purchased home, glancing at each other, then at the pregnancy test, back at each other, and so on.

And at the same time, it feels like it was just yesterday.

Since March 21, when we found out, it’s been a rush to the finish line. Constant thoughts and questions of, Do we have new clothes for the baby? Where’s all the apparatus (swing, car seat, etc.) we’ll need? What are we naming him? And Oh My Gosh, we’re having another baby?!?!

Hurry up. Wait.

But all those months have also moved–at times–at a snail’s pace. Ok, ok, before I go on, I know it’s been a bit more excruciating for Nancy. After all, she’s the one growing a human in her stomach. I’m just along for the ride.

Waiting for each doctor’s appointment or ultrasound, especially in the beginning, was nerve racking. How long until we hear the heartbeat? How long until we see him or her clearly in an ultrasound? When do we find out the gender?

Hurry up. Wait.

Then, once all that is done, that rush to the finish line picks up, but you can’t go too fast, because everything must be done at it’s own time.

Case in point: Once we found out baby number two was a boy, the process of name picking began. Talk about a struggle.

Our short list had about 3,000 names on it. OK, I’m kidding, it was more like seven or eight. But remember, you’re giving someone his or her life-long identity. It’s not a cut and dry process.

What’s in a name, some ask. Far too much is my response.

There came a point where Nancy and I didn’t discuss the topic for a full week because we had poured over it so much. We were just running in circles. Then we freaked out because another week had passed and the baby was still nameless.

Hurry up. Wait.

So, while the eight or so months of this journey has flown by, it’s also been a long, incredible process. It’s one we’re really excited to see end, because we know what awaits us on the other end.

On that note, I also wanted to inform readers that I’ll be away from my post once the baby arrives. He’s due in late November, but we believe he’ll be showing up long before Thanksgiving. Just a hunch (and the impetus for this column).

That being said, once that joyous time we call labor begins, I’ll be away from work for the following two weeks. Don’t worry–Long Valley Patch will be in good hands. We’ll have our usual support of behind-the-scenes characters and some guest editors standing in for me–all of which will be working to bring you news and information from around Washington Township.

How will you know when the baby comes? Well, of course we’ll post a birth announcement on our favorite hyper-local news site.

I just hope he has a name by then.

judi October 29, 2011 at 01:52 PM
You go "DADDY" .... CONGRATS !!!!!
Lea October 29, 2011 at 04:33 PM
Thanks for your honest sharing..and congratulations. I found your article helpful as I was looking to share some of my own experience with Hurry up and Wait. lol www.courage2change.info/blog


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