Editor Takes a Break, But The News is in Good Hands

It's time for a breather.

We’re often told that Americans don’t rest enough, or take vacations as much as they should. So, you know what? I’ve decided to take the advice of so many professionals in the mental health field and take vacation.

Hang on, hang on, let’s not get crazy. No, Long Valley Patch will not shut down, leaving you completely information-less and essentially lost to a world of uncertainty. And no, a mental health professional has not told me to go on vacation; I just think it’s time to not work for a few days.

Long Valley Patch’s usual cast of (awesome) characters who cover everything you need to know about in Washington Township will be back at it this week, reporting on a bunch of stuff, like the township committee’s work session; local sports; and whatever else is fit to ‘print.’

Overseeing the site will be one of Morris County’s Regional Editors, Lou Hochman. If you need to speak with Lou, you can contact him at louis@patch.com. Otherwise, he’ll keep the wheels turning on this Lamborghini of online news (that’s Long Valley Patch, if you didn’t catch the metaphor).

So, what tropical island or extravagant adventure are you enjoying during your time off, you ask. Well, like I mentioned earlier this year, . This means two things for my first vacation of 2011: I was quick to learn the definitions of mortgage payment and stay-cation; and landscaping the yard has now become not just a priority, but a necessity.

Plus, why would I want to go anywhere but Long Valley? OK, so a warm beach has its plusses, but springtime in Northern New Jersey is pretty great, too. And if you’ve got a couple of green thumbs, enjoy moving wheelbarrows around and don’t mind helping a neighbor, come on over and lend a hand.

If you can’t help out, that's fine, and maybe I’ll see you at the driving range or grabbing some pizza in the center of town. And if we miss each other, I’ll be back on Monday, May 16 with a freshly mowed lawn and an aching back.

Enjoy the week ahead. I know I will!


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