Poll: Did Bully Laws Change High Schools?

The first year with HIB laws in place is over. How did it go?

The West Morris Regional High School District says it had a good first year under the new harrasment, intimidation and bullying laws implemented, and saw students adapt to the changes fairly easily.

According to the district, 24 total claims were made between West Morris Central and Mendham High School, with just six resulting in disciplinary action.

So, Patch would like to know what you think of the first year. Did you or your student see a change for the better? Was it worse? Did you not notice anything at all?

Please vote in the poll below and be sure to leave a comment. As always, thanks for your participation.

This article is posted on Long Valley and Mendham-Chester Patch. 

kathy mundy June 27, 2012 at 01:29 PM
there is so much more going on at wmc, between the drugs, alcohol so many students don't or won't come forward for fear of more bullying and retailation. the fact that nothing is done at the onset of a student who asks for help makes it that much harder and opens a very fearful and dangers situation for anyone who comes forward.bullying has to be stopped and punishments have to be harsh to make bullys think this is not how you treat another student/human being who for whatever reason they think is doesn't fit there whorped world.


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