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Video: 9/11 Changed My Life 'Big Time'

Local residents recall tragic day and how their lives have changed since.

The tragic events that took place on Sept. 11, 2001 changed America forever.

From heightened security at airports and transit stations to new curriculum in New Jersey’s school systems, the terrorist attacks that occurred that day will forever have a lasting impression on the way society observes its surroundings.

It’s hard for many to forget where they were when first hearing the news on that Tuesday morning ten years ago, and without much hesitation, most people can recite their exact location and feelings on that fateful day.

Long Valley Patch asked passersby in the center of town to recall their feelings from that day, and how they believe things have changed since.

Lynn Richter, a Flocktown Road School teacher’s aide at the time, said in the decade since, her life has changed big time. “I say I love you more to the people I care about,” Richter said, who lost a friend who worked at the World Trade Center.

Where were you on 9/11, and what were your first thoughts when you heard news of the attacks? How do you feel the country–and yourself–has changed in the decade since?


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