112 Seat Belt Violators Caught During 'Click It' Campaign

Washington Township police hand out 222 tickets in 13-day period.

Over the course of two weeks Washington Township police handed out 112 tickets to motorists who failed to wear seat belts.

Taking part in the annual Click It or Ticket campaign thanks to a $4,000 grant, local police were able to add 80 extra patrol hours to the roadways in town between May 19 and June 1.

In total, 222 summonses were issued during the 13-day period, ranging from seat belt violations to careless driving, use of handheld telephones (16) to unregistered vehicles (10).

The total number of seat belt violations handed out was down from 2013, when a 12-day campaign yielded 130 summonses. In 2012, township police handed out 115 summonses during the campaign.

During the 2011 campaign, police issued an astounding 323 total tickets for various violations during the stepped-up patrol period.


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