Box Truck Loses Brakes, Slams Into Middle Valley Road Guardrail, Cops Say

Driver uninjured but vehicle, cargo sustains major damage, police report.

A tow truck pulls a box truck from Middle Valley Road. User submitted photo.
A tow truck pulls a box truck from Middle Valley Road. User submitted photo.

A motorist came away uninjured after the brakes on his box truck failed, sending him into a guardrail on Middle Valley Road last week, Washington Township Police said.

Roland Phillips, of East Orange, was driving a truck for Gibraltar Van Lines south on Zellers Road last Monday when his brakes failed, Lt. Mark Niemynski said. As the truck continued south it gained speed at which point Phillips lost control, Niemynski said.

The truck then traveled off the roadway to the right as it entered the Zellers Road intersection with Middle Valley Road, striking the guardrail on the south side of Middle Valley Road and heading up an embankment, Niemynski said.

The truck also struck a telephone pole and stop sign before coming to a rest lodged in the guardrail, Niemynski said. The truck sustained major damage to the front bumper, cab, and rear box area, as well as the cargo inside.

The entire length of the guardrail on the southern portion of Middle Valley Road was damaged, Niemynski said. Phillips did not seek medical attention.

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Forhonor June 23, 2014 at 09:21 AM
I would guess that the truck was overloaded.
Mr X June 23, 2014 at 09:24 AM
What's a box truck doing on Zellers or Middle Valley. If he would have gotten pas this intersection no way he would have made it around that hair-pin turn just down the street. Come to think of it Middle Valley Road is going the way of roads like Califon, getting way busier than they used to be. Middle Valley nobody wanted to take because of how narrow it was, the hair-pin turn and the unpaved portion. Now less people care because theyre too lazy to just go up Schooley's Mtn Road like they should or go down to Sliker Road in Califon if they want to go up the hill. Same thing with Califon Road. 10 years ago it was a quiet road on the edge of town, maybe a few cars passed an hour, then they finished the Ascot houses, expanded the ball fields and moved soccer and lacrosse there, so now everyone realizes where it goes and uses it as a shortcut. Then you have big games or tournaments there and the cars are all over the grass, blocking driveways and ignoring the "No Stopping or Standing" signs, and I guess since it's not a big enough revenue collection opportunity, the cops never enforce it. Roads that were once quiet in town are now on their way to becoming major traffic routes.
Chuck Ruff June 23, 2014 at 05:34 PM
The reason people take Middle Valley or Sliker Rd instead of Schooley’s Mtn is not because they are ‘lazy’, but because the traffic at the intersection of Schooley’s Mtn and Rte 513 is often abysmal. I don’t know where it is written that we ‘should’ take one road over another. They’re all residential, so someone will be affected by the traffic. As far as the truck goes, it crashed because its brakes failed, not because it was on the wrong road. There is no truck ban on Zellers, and you can’t ban every truck from Schooley’s Mtn roads. People still need to get deliveries, and when they move, they need a truck to haul their stuff.
Forhonor June 23, 2014 at 08:40 PM
That truck had no hope of making the woodpecker nose, at least not on the road and especially with no brakes and too much weight. I'm sure people take middle valley, slicker, naughright or drakes town because of where they live on the mountain.
Chuck Ruff June 23, 2014 at 10:32 PM
People take Middle Valley Rd whenever there's a LVMS function because traffic on Schooley's Mtn Rd is jammed halfway up the mountain.


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