Pushing Snow On Roads Slows Plow Trucks, Officials Say

Police, road crews ask residents to not push driveway snow into roads and could face fines for doing so.

A nor’easter has dumped snow at a furious rate on Washington Township Thursday, and department of public works crews began working to clear roadways at 1 a.m.

But with the amount of snow that fell, the police department and road crews are asking residents for their assistance.

The department of public works plow drivers are reporting increasing difficulty clearing the heavy snowfall when residents move snow from their driveways on to the roadways.

It is, by local ordinance, illegal to do so. Residents may be issued a citation for violating the ordinance. Police and road crews are asking residents to not push snow into the roadways, and to alert their plow service of the same. 

Claire February 13, 2014 at 07:28 PM
HA yes we also had several icebergs at the bottom of our driveway last storm. I am assuming they are referring to the independent snow removal guys who push driveway snow out into the street, not the poor guy with his snow blower just trying not to have a heart attack..
Bill M February 13, 2014 at 09:11 PM
Often, a little snow shoveled onto the road isn't much of an issue. It's just plain inconsiderate to other drivers when homeowners do that. If the pile is too high on the side of your driveway, knock it down a little. If you have a snow blower, just point the chute to the side. The biggest problem is probably when the commercial plows push snow across the road and don't fully push it onto the opposite property. They leave that snowpack jutting into the road, creating a hazard and making it more difficult for the DPW plows, as well as potentially causing damage to the equipment. As far as the DPW plowing some snow into our driveways, that's just the way it is. Get back out and shovel it to the side of your driveway. We can all use the exercise. Those DPW guys should be congratulated for doing such a great job. While the rest of us are inside nice and warm, or sleeping, they’re out there busting their tails to clear our roads. And while we're out shoveling, let’s not forget to clean out around the fire hydrants and clear a path to mailboxes to give the mail carriers a break.
Denobin February 14, 2014 at 12:29 AM
Fair warning to those who think it's not a big deal to shovel your snow out into the street: If a passing motorist has an accident due to hitting the slippery patch you've created on an otherwise plowed road, their insurance company and the police are going to be very interested in speaking with you.
Joanne February 14, 2014 at 05:13 AM
BillM~ it is also against ordinance for plows to push the snow across the street to another property, any plow. the snow on your property stays on your property, and in the circumstance that you live at a T intersection, even the town plows are not allowed to push the snow from the road across the street onto your property, they have to keep it on the corners of the street. I have lived in LV for 28 years, and the DPW always does a stellar job, its been a very hard year on them, and I am not even cranky that they bent up my mail box!! I just keep trying to bend it back, and will replace in the Spring, now if I can only get the mail people to give the tiniest bit of effort to close the box when they deliver the mail!! it is NOT that hard to do...
KH February 14, 2014 at 07:55 AM
There is all this talk about pushing snow on the road but what about people not shoveling out the fire hydrants on their property. If there is a fire, every second counts, DIG OUT YOUR HYDRANT, help out the fire department!! There is also the issue of not shoveling out your mailbox. I was outside the other day and our mailman actually said "Thank you for shoveling out your mailbox so we can pull up next to it, that helps us out a lot." We just automatically dig out the fire hydrant and mailbox, it is on our property and our responsibility. I HATE driving down the road and seeing fire hydrants not dug out, if your house is on fire, you will regret the extra time it takes for the fire department to dig through the snow to get to the hydrant.


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