Apartment Complex 'Not What Our Town Needs'

Angry residents tell government officials not to allow proposed apartment complex.

More than 50 residents filled the Washington Township municipal building Wednesday night to hear expert analysis about the possible redevelopment and building of an apartment complex on Kings Highway.

Those residents weren't happy with what they heard.

Seventeen property owners from Kings Highway and neighboring roads spoke out against the development before the Washington Township Committee, citing various reasons why the project would diminish quality of life and make a nice area to live unattractive. 

Click on the video for more. If you have trouble viewing the video, refresh your browser.

Learn more about the analysis behind the proposed apartment complex here: Apartment Complex In Limbo Despite More Expert Analysis
Maria December 12, 2013 at 08:29 AM
I'm so proud of my neighbors today! That's what I call a TOWN EFFORT well done. FYI...I will be emailing the committee updated versions of the petition and comments periodically...it's not too late to make your opinion known...and keep spreading the word. https://www.change.org/petitions/no-overdevelopment-to-kings-hwy
Colleen R December 21, 2013 at 10:49 AM
I find it puzzling that the environmental/DEP issues at the USR Optonix plant have not been shared with citizens. All environmental cleanup whether it be toxic waste of large manufacturing companies or a residence who's underground oil tank leaked pose large hazards to our environment especially our water. One would think, prior to a vote on re zoning to an apartment complex of this site, the citizens would know what hazards are present, impact to citizenry and steps to remediate. How long has the development company been working this re zoning with the town? It seems to me the development to 208 apartments in this area has not been fully vetted because all you have to do is sit on RT57 to see current traffic patterns are very heavy & any increase to King Highway traffic for toll increased traffic accidents, injuries. Further down the road, eminent domain grab to widen the road to make it a true highway? Oh this does not seem like a good plan at all. Let's not use beneficial tax income to the township into this discussion, burden is more likely.


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