Borough Defines Boundaries on Redistricting Study

Chester Borough unwilling to pay for videotaping of meeting and won't fund feasibility study if one K-12 is included.

The Chester Borough Council made its intentions clear at its Tuesday night meeting: it will only fund a school redistricting study with Chester Township, Washington Township and the Mendhams if the option of creating one district for all five municipalities is not included.

“We have $10,000 at stake here in terms of what we want to fund,” said Borough Mayor Robert L. Davis. “We’ll pull the plug on funding the study if (that option) is in it.”

The Borough will still go along with the study if other redistricting options are explored, such as the creation of a separate K-12 district for Washington Township and the Mendhams and Chesters apiece, the creation of a K-12 district for Washington Township, a K-8 district for Chester Borough and a regional high school district for the Chesters and Mendhams and a “hybrid” model featuring one superintendent for five different boards of education.

All redistricting options in the study would be weight against the efficiency of the current model, which features five separate K-8 districts and one regional high school district for the five municipalities.

The borough has also decided against funding the taping of redistricting meetings, which would have cost each of the five municipalities $750 apiece. In the end, the council decided that it was money that does not need to be spent.

“Other councils have said they don’t want to fund this,” Davis said. “I don’t know why Chester Borough would want to fund it, either.”

LVMom July 01, 2012 at 03:46 PM
I had to homeschool my daughter because schools here couldn't educate her, their thought let her sit till the other kids catch up, or bump her up 3 grades! The cost to me is thousands a year, no aid / tax relief from state/fed either. I have to NOT work, pay for AP classes, books, college classes (challenger is only free to public school kids), etc. The town's response is 'oh, well enjoy' she can't do debate, write for the paper or lit magazine or any of that. I know other parents of gifted kids who do the same. Our poor 'gifted' ed program has forced some of the brightest kids out of the schools and for some out of the town (we did talk about moving). -- this town is loosing SO much by not addressing the issues at hand. our HS kids are at a disadvantage by having an IB program that is not used by most (top schools will wonder why IB wasn't taken vs. happy that so many APs were), not being in control of k-12 education means the curriculum doesn't line up from k-12 causing 'gaps' in education... i could go on and on (homeschool moms have to be everything from teacher to 'curriculum coordinator' so we know A LOT about curriculum.) -- parents need to step up and make sure their kids are doing the best they can, and taking hard classes in their JUNIOR year and getting top scores on those AP/IB tests JUNIOR year. -- as for special ed, i think those who TRUELY need it should get it, others should be forced to behave IF it's just parenting - BIG if!
LVMom July 01, 2012 at 03:48 PM
oh, let's see how many BOYCOT chester! i already started (well except starbucks, my weekly/bi-weekly coffee is needed)
LVMom July 01, 2012 at 03:52 PM
6 homes in chester/mendham sold last WEEK.. vs 5 in long valley in ALL of JUNE... oh, yea we LV residents are not paying our fare share of taxes (just 1.5+% more per home value) but hey, we have all that 'equity' in our homes "NOT"... and they wonder why we are mad about this.
Oldtimer July 20, 2012 at 02:35 AM
You'd be surprised to know how many Long Valley residents own and/or work for businesses in Chester and Mendham. But what "tax money" would you be keeping out of their pockets???


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