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Chegwidden Bounced From Morris Freeholder Board

Cesaro, Krickus and Scapicchio claim Republican nominations in GOP primary.

Morris County Republican voters turned to a trio of self-proclaimed “conservative” candidates Tuesday as John Cesaro, John Krickus and David Scapicchio claimed the party’s nominations for freeholder.

Incumbent and Freeholder Director William Chegwidden finished fourth.

Chegwidden’s defeat means all three longtime incumbents who were originally up for re-election will leave the board this year, and with the replacement of Margaret Nordstrom last year following a contested election, only Douglas Cabana will have more than two-years experience on the board beginning on 2013.

The three Republicans will face Democrats Wasim Kahn of Parsippany; Toshiba Foster of Morristown; and Joy Singh of Morris Plains in November.

In the other freeholder race on the primary ballot, incumbent Hank Lyon was nominated to run for the remainder of his term. He received 21,791 votes.

Lyon, of Montville, won the seat in a special convention in February after the state appeals court removed former incumbent Nordstrom from the seat she had seemingly won last November.

He will face Democrat Truscha Quatrone, also of Montville. She withdrew a petition for the three-year regular term to seek the write-in position for the unexpired term. Needing 100 write-in votes, Quatrone received 580 votes Tuesday to qualify for the November ballot.

“This is what I wanted to do,” she said. “I can’t wait. It will be a good race.”

Turnout was low even for a primary election. With 315,948 registered voters, a total of  40,425 voters cast ballots, or 12.7 percent.

Cesaro, a Parsippany Councilman, was the top vote-getter with 12,661 votes, followed by Krickus, of Washington Township, with 12,235, and Scapicchio of Mount Olive, with 9,715 votes.

Chegwidden received 9,465 votes.

Other voter totals: Alison Deeb, 7,241; Jeremy Jedynak, 5,507; Charles Germershausen, 5,410; Ted Hussa, 3,616; and Edward France, 3,465.

Former Freeholder Gene Feyl, who resigned from the board in May to become executive director of the Highlands Council, picked up 4,509 votes.

For the Democrats, Foster got 7,062 votes, Singh received 6,874 votes and Khan, 6,775 votes.

A disappointed Chegewidden said,  “It is what it is. I’m not ashamed of my record. I felt I did a good job for the county, but voters wanted a change. We are seeing a conservative trend. They may get the cuts they want, and now they will live with the consequences.”

Chegwidden looked at Feyl’s vote total, the eighth largest, and said it represented the condition of the election process .

“It begs the question, who was paying attention?" he said.

Cesaro is an attorney and a member since 2006 of the Parsippany Township Council.

Krickus is a public accountant and a former Washington Township commiteeman and mayor.

Scappicchio is a partner in a residential construction company and has served as mayor of Mount Olive from 2006 to 2011.

The candidates proposed smaller county government and reduced spending.

Cesaro said late Tuesday that their victory represented a change for the freeholder board.

“The first thing we will do is examine the budget,” he said. “We want to do what’s best for the taxpayers.”

Cesaro said they will consult with current freeholders to plan for the future.

Deeb, a Morristown councilwoman making her first run for freeholder said, “I'm glad to have run a positive campaign. We ran a positive campaign based on the issues. I believe I was always getting my facts straight. I always did my homework  and showed in a comprehensive knowledge of county government.”

Deeb continued, “While I'm disappointed in the results, I think I did a very respectable showing. We mounted a countywide campaign in 2 1/2 months and I am very proud of that.”

She was not ruling out any future run for a county seat.

She said she was uncertain that she would toss her hat into the special convention to replace Feyl next week.

The Republicans will hold a special convention next Tuesday to replace Feyl.

The convention winner would hold the seat until the end of the year and would be replaced in January by one of Tuesday’s  winners of a three-year seat.

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Frank L June 08, 2012 at 03:56 AM
Tom lots of posts today, you are getting paid to work during these hours right - keep democracy alive
VietNam Vet June 08, 2012 at 04:34 AM
For Dan and Tom, the real problem is that the dems are just worried about the party and they forget who really put them in that seat, they don't care about the people its always the stupid party. The democraps have a bad reputation for running some of the most crooked campaigns going. Look at with Odumbo{Osama} the dimwit you call a pres. where I just call a totaql moron and an illegal alien to boot. This jerk is a walking nightmare and needs to be stopped, and most of the dems know it, but they'll never admit it because they are more concerned about the party, and no matter how bad he is you'll still vote for him, which is the stupidest thing I have ever heard of. This jerk hasn't done one thing right, I may not have agreed with everything that Pres. Bush did, but he was a world better than this jerk. The dems. will support gay marriage just for the gay votes whether they believe in it or not, they will resurect the dead and bus in hindred or thousands of illegal aliens, anything just to win, because thats the only way they can win. I couldn't be part of a party that is only worried about themselves and votes and sell their dignity to anyone, just for a vote. Thats not a party with any ethics or concern for anyone else. The dems started that recall in Wisconsin and what happened they still couldn't hold on to things and the better man won anyway. The dems need to start getting some self respect and worry more about the people who put them in office.
Kevin M. Nedd June 08, 2012 at 05:47 AM
Quite a display of incoherent drivel!
Dan Grant June 08, 2012 at 11:33 AM
So, I get it Paul. You have no respect for even the Office of the Presidency or the Person elected by the people of America and you certainly have no respect for any other opinion. Just know this. You have a right to say whatever stupid thing you want and you have your vote but I will be right there on election day to cancel out your vote. It, like you will be meaningless. You kind of rhetoric has no place in a civil society but I guess you know that.


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