Tax Per Person in Twp. Among Lowest in Morris County

Washington Twp. residents pay less than county average for municipal, local, regional school services.

Washington Township has one of the lowest per person tax costs in Morris County, according to 2013 tax records and 2010 census figures.

The municipal tax per person is $565, the documents showed, ranking third from the lowest of the 39 municipalities in Morris County. Victory Gardens Borough was lowest at $404, while nearby Chester Borough was highest at $1,917 per person.

The district and regional school budgets per person were higher for Washington Township residents, which put the municipality in the middle of the pack for taxes per household.

Data showed Washington Township was 12th lowest in the district school budget per person category (the amount paid per person to the K-8 district) at $1,725. That figure, however, was still lower than the county average and county median, which were $2,022 and $1,946, respectively.

One of 18 towns in the county to send students to a regional school district, Washington Township paid $789 per person to be part of the West Morris Regional High School District, good enough for fifth lowest on the list. The other sending towns – Chester Borough, Chester Township, Mendham Borough, Mendham Township – were all higher on the list.

The total tax per person, according to the data, was $3,543, putting Washington Township behind the county average of $3,950 and county median of $3,936 per person.

The total tax per household unit came out to $10,119, again behind the county average of $10,337 and county median of $10,270. Mountain Lakes Borough led the county in tax per unit at $20,700, while Victory Gardens Borough was cheapest at $2,958.

What do you think of the figures? Is Washington Township in a good position among its county neighbors?

Gary Christopher January 11, 2014 at 11:55 AM
The property taxes in NJ are a primary reason we moved down south to Georgia. My taxes in LV were almost $16K per year 4 years ago - now, in the Atlanta area they are $5K per year and will drop toe $1500 per year when I turn 65 in a few years - and this is for a house twice as large - We get the same services here in GA that I was getting in NJ. The property taxes in NJ would have eaten up almost all of my SS check each month - how in the world anyone can be proud of this tax situation is beyond understanding - check out GA and I think you'll find a great way of life where you won't have to work till your 80 or move to steamy Florida. Happy New Year!
Shoeless Joe January 11, 2014 at 12:10 PM
...No real comment....(taps wristwatch).......just waiting here for someone....he should be along any minute....
Shoeless Joe January 12, 2014 at 04:20 PM
So, the Mayor is being kind, but what he is really saying is that in the last half-decade spending has gone down 900,000, which happens to coincide with 2008 when the committee became all Republican with the electoral tossout of Democrat Kevin Nedd.
LookAtMe! LookAtMe! January 13, 2014 at 12:26 AM
Go Kevin !!
wt-taxpayer January 13, 2014 at 12:53 PM
Since moving here over 20 years ago my taxes have increased over 300%! My income has not increased 1%. The benefits of being in this town have not increased appreciably, in fact, we no longer have township police calls and traffic has increased dramatically. The value of my property has increased by approximately 150%. Besides Victory Gardens - which doesn't compare to our open space and beautiful surroundings, Harding Twp. has the lowest tax rate in the county at 1,073 compared to Washington twp. At 2,328 for 2013. There are many other towns in Morris County that have lower tax rates. These include: Riverdale (1,814); Pequannock Twp. (2,075); Mt. Lakes Boro (2,387); Morris Plains (2,053); Montville Twp. (2,157); Mendham Twp. (1,938), Dover (1,987) and Hanover Twp. (1,658) Tho there may be differences in calculations per person or whatever - all I know is that my taxes have skyrocketed in this township since we moved here. Most families move here to raise their families and find other places to retire. Unfortunately, this creates other non-monetary problems that cannot be deciphered and put into a spreadsheet. It makes me sad to leave my family, friends and beautiful surroundings due to gov't. mismanagement of funds - at every level and at every turn.


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