Twp. May Alter Stony Brook to Slow Flooding

Engineer says moving boulders from waterway is best current option to save roads, homes.

Washington Township engineer believes the first step in remediating flooding problems on Fairview Avenue is to move and restructure boulders that have forced water flow beyond Stony Brook.

But in order to take the next steps in moving those boulders, Hall will have to receive proper permits from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. In doing so, Hall's hourly work and fees could amount to more than $8,000.

Hall and private engineer David Fontina, commissioned by Fairview Avenue residents Cecile Marie and John Howard, worked together to decipher the next best step in alleviating flooding on the roadways.

At the Washington Township Committee’s April meeting, it was decided Hall could work in conjunction with Fontina, with a pay limit of $1,500. The projected $8,000 in costs would be in addition to his original pay.

In a meeting with superintendent Scott Frech, Mayor Ken Short learned that the project could be done in-house, and would take about one and-a-half days of manpower to complete the task.

The option of moving the rocks to deflect water from running on to the roadway comes after .

Estimated costs to re-profile a portion of the roadway, elevating it by up to four feet in some areas, is upwards of $50,000. Marie and Howard have asked the township to bear the responsibility of that cost.

The brook, however, is private property, according to Short, which creates another obstacle in the project. The three surrounding property owners have all signed off on allowing the work to take place, Short said, but still may be a hiccup for the DEP to extend a permit.

“I’m willing to take the chance (on moving the rocks) instead of spending $50,000,” said committeeman David Kennedy. “I’m just concerned about the liability exposure of this being on private property.”

The committee will vote at its on Monday, May 21 to pass a resolution allowing for the work–and funds–to be allocated.

Claire May 24, 2012 at 11:07 PM
Why am I reading in the Observer T that this was denied by the EPA ? Where is the patch local news? What is the town stand on this? This is ridiculous, remove the rocks and lets see what happens. More money wasted. That whole road is a mess!! Everyone in town should drive down it this weekend to see.


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