Twp. Pulls For Larsen, Lyon in Primary Vote

Mayor, Vice Mayor receive more than 1,000 votes each despite running unopposed.

Despite an , Washington Township residents made their voices heard in a variety of political races, from Morris County Freeholder to Congressional and Presidential choices.

While Washington Township Mayor Ken Short and Vice Mayor Bill Roehrich ran unopposed in the election, each received more than 1,000 votes from their constituents. while , not counting absentees, according to Washington Township Administrator Deb Burd.

Signs laced the roadways in town leading up to the election in support of Republicans David Larsen and incumbent Leonard Lance for the 7th Congressional District.

Larsen took the nod locally, tallying 802 votes to Lance’s 542, not counting absentees.

In the , the field of 11 Republican candidates and three Democrats received a lot of attention, as the candidates vyed for four seats, with Washington Township’s own John Krickus receiving the second most votes behind Hank Lyon.

Here’s a breakdown of how residents voted for the Freeholder candidates:

Germerhausen: 218
Cesaro: 605
Krickus: 869
Scapicchio: 510
Chegwidden: 407
Jedynak: 190
Feyl: 170
France: 192
Hussa: 107
Deeb: 265
Lyon: 1,037

Foster: 208
Khan: 199
Singh: 207

In the race for Senate seats, there were four Republicans and one Democratic candidate vying for positions. Votes for those hopefuls were as follows:
Kyrillos: 1,002
Rulio: 73
Qarmont: 75
Brown: 70

Menendez: 222  

While Mitt Romney has received enough delegates to secure the Republican party’s nomination in his bid for the White House, the former Massachusetts Governor tallied 1,148 votes in Washington Township, as Ron Paul came in second with 132 votes. Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich came in behind them, respectively, with 63 and 47 votes. 


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