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Blaze Rips Through Nestlingwood Road Home

Washington Twp. to Have Roads Repaired in 2011

Twp. Committee OKs $1.2 million for fixing five road sections in town.

The Washington Township Committee approved a bond ordinance that will appropriate $1.2 million to in town at its Monday, Feb. 21 regular meeting.

The roads that will be repaired include sections of Pleasant Grove; Parker; two separate sections of Wehrli; and Flocktown. Those roads comprised the ‘A’ list of streets in most need of fixing as evaluated by and Superintendent of the Department of Public Works, Scott Frech.

The ordinance, which authorizes the issuance of $1,140,000 of bonds or notes, was originally discussed at the committee’s Jan. 12 work session, and was unanimously approved at the February regular meeting.

Work on the roads will begin in the summer of 2011.

Minuteman Too March 25, 2011 at 02:12 PM
When I built my house on Wherli (as the Post Office told me it was spelled) it was half "blacktop" and half "dirt"...yes, as in "dirt road"! This was back in 1976/77....jeez, I feel like a pioneer...Anyway, over the years" Wehrli "was completely paved over and was a happy, happy road. Then, something strange started happening...cars started going faster! It could have been the fact that for people going to western New Jersey garden spots like Penwell and Washington it was a perfect "short cut" between Rt. 24 and Pleasant Grove Road as it "cut the diagonal" and saved, oh, at least, 30 seconds of "drive time". Once these adventurous drivers discoverd the slight downslope about halfway through Wher/Wehr they realized that they could, as the saying goes, "pick up steam"to such an extent that they might hit oh, say 50 mph at the bottom of the "downhill" and just before the very, very "tight" S-curve....what fun!! Soon, not only WMC students and their parents were enjoying this adventure, many lawn service vehicles (with flatbed's in tow) and even larger "delivery" trucks discovered this really neat "test run"....could they actually get their speeds up to 50 mph...sure, PAVE the road...but I'll be writing down plate numbers..."Drive Wherli like YOUR kids live her". I like it.
Vin Dreeland March 27, 2011 at 10:37 PM
When we wait for the 6:34 am schoolbus at the end of our driveway on Wehrli Road, numerous vehicles rip by at speeds that are obviously intentionally illegal. I say let the tarmack go to the nether world in a hand basket. Smoothing the pavement will only increase speed. Spend the money on reconstructing Wehrli Road into two culs-de-sac. If speed limits are obeyed, Pleasant Gove Rd to Schooley's Mountain Road is quicker despite the slightly longer route.


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