The Embarrassed Republican: Romney Bombs Europe!

'Mitt the Twit' enrages the English, but only vaguely insults the Israelis, and gets out of Poland with only mild complaining.

A lot of party heads are shaking today, very few are smiling. “Mitt the Twit” was not the headline the Romney campaign hoped for, and that was one of the kinder ones.

The current thinking is well summed up by Ed Rodgers, a long time Republican Operative “Let’s face it, Romney can’t win, but Obama can lose.” If he can just get through the next 3 months without opening his mouth, Governor Romney may just have a chance for a tie.  Being his own worst enemy, I’m pretty sure Mitt is not looking forward to the debates.

In England, he criticized the olympic preparations because he’s an Olympic expert right?  The rest of us will never really know about his expertise because somehow all the records from the Salt Lake city olympics were destroyed right after they closed. Massachusetts can tell us that records have a habit of dissapearing when Mr. romney leaves.  Campaign aides assure us that the destruction of those internal communications and other records was not Mr. Romney’s responsibility.  Nor for that matter were the workings of his company Bain capital during the same time, although he did manage to draw a hefty salary.

During his visit to England Mitt also managed to leak his secret meeting with the Head of MI6, a kind of farewell flub before leaving for Israel.  That visit really didn’t go that well either, the Palestinians called him a racist, he inflamed local tensions even more (if that’s possible) between Israel and the rest of the Arab world and then finished up with a few astounding statements.

At a special dinner for wealthy contributors Mitt remarked that “Culture and a few other things” were responsible for Israel’s economic power.  He lavished praise on Israel’s low health care spending which he may not have understood is socialized. The former Governor closed with noting that Israel’s per capita income was more than twice as high as the Palestinian’s and they should be proud of that.  I find it difficult to believe that our candidate doesn’t know that Palestine, what’s left of it, is an occupied territory.  After quickly recommending that Jerusalem should be the capital of Israel, and promising to move the American embassy there, he was off to Poland to try his presidentially hopeful wiles on them.  Luckily, most of Israel was mystified but only vaguely insulted.

Poland wasn’t too bad.  Lech Walesa gave the candidate a pep talk on being successful and they shook hands smiling all the while.  That was in Union country too, the Gdansk shipyards is where the Solidarity movement was born.  Solidarity's current leadership was not as pleased as Lech seemed to be.  They reported in the press later that they had since regretted learning of Mr. Romney’s attacks on the 12 million workers of the AFL-CIO and roundly criticized the meeting.  I’m pretty sure Mr. Walesa will be ok though.

We lucked out that the Govenor did not take the opportunity to call Poland’s neighbor the Soviet Union “America’s greatest geo-political threat” again.  I’m sure the Polish would just as soon let that sleeping bear lie, one revolution every hundred years is plenty.

All in all, the campaign aides were glad the trip was over, you can only use the words “Vastly misconstrued”  and deny what just took place 5 minutes ago for so long.  The Romney campaign is home now, and really glad that only one percent of Americans called foreign policy the most important issue of the campaign.  All the Polish voters in Wisconsin and other states weren’t going to vote for him anyway.

Poland was not too bad, England is used to bombings, but was Israel a success?  Mitt sure wanted it to be.  But it’s hard to beat a President who’s given more to Israel in aid and support than any other in history.  Still he did manage to scrape up some more wealthy contributors and no one actually threw anything at him.  I just wonder what’s going through his dinner guests' minds right now.  I guess they’re hoping that Mitt will deliver whatever it is they want from him.  That probably doesn’t include advice on international politics.

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g August 08, 2012 at 01:51 PM
Report: Chinese Companies Building America’s Bridges ABC News reports that US roads and bridges are being built or rebuilt, not by any of the millions of Americans out of work, but by Chinese companies using Chinese workers. One project alone was worth more than $7 billion and could have created 3,000 American jobs. The companies are owned by the Chinese government, which among other things means they don’t pay their workers as much as American workers make. There’s a suggestion in that, that the unions have priced US companies out of these jobs, but ABC doesn’t follow up on that possibility. copy the following to your seach link: You will be amazed. http://pjmedia.com/tatler/2012/07/13/report-chinese-companies-building-americas-bridges/
Sir August 08, 2012 at 06:55 PM
Obama is too busy playing golf and playing with the celebrities to care about where goods are made. Impeach the organizer.
g August 08, 2012 at 07:33 PM
KMN: The following is the theme song of all politicians. They are required to memorize the lyrics immediately after they are sworn in. Sung by: Ella Fitzgerald - Who Cares Let it rain and thunder, Let a million firms go under. I am not concerned with Stocks and bonds that I've been burned with!
Hattori Hanzo August 09, 2012 at 12:45 AM
This post is not good.


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