‘Garden of Memories’ Unveiled by Graduating Fifth-Graders

Artistic impression makes mark on Flocktown's courtyard.

A look at the 'Garden of Memories' created by Flocktown fifth grade students. Photo Courtesy Flocktown-Kossmann PTA
A look at the 'Garden of Memories' created by Flocktown fifth grade students. Photo Courtesy Flocktown-Kossmann PTA

Flocktown’s fifth graders may be leaving the school for good this June, but their legacy surely will live on.

In a first-of-its kind project, the graduating class, which will attend Long Valley Middle School in September, created a ‘Garden of Memories’ to leave as an imprint on the campus grounds.

The lasting artistic impression contributes to the school’s ongoing efforts to transform the courtyard, according to the school’s Parent-Teacher Association.

“Each year the Flocktown-Kossmann PTA sponsors a fifth grade recognition project,” said Sally Doris in a state. Doris is a past president of the PTA and co-chair of this year’s Fifth Grade Recognition Committee.  “Eight years ago we turned this recognition program into a ‘give back’ or legacy project, where the students create something to leave behind to remember their graduating class by, such as murals or creative art installations. This year, we wanted to do something more. For several years the administration has been working to transform the courtyard garden into an inviting outdoor learning area for the children. For the project this year, we took an undeveloped area in the courtyard and went to work to make it beautiful and inspiring.”

Some 150 individual designs were developed with parents contributing as well, helping to create a mural and painting outdoor pipes and manhole covers in the courtyard.

“This is another unique ‘leave behind’ project that the children will be proud of for years to come,” said Flocktown art teacher Melinda Hemberger. “They are leaving behind a legacy that benefits the school and future students while they take away the lasting memory of having created something special that will remain a part of the school long after they graduate.”


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