High Schools to Acknowledge, Reflect on 9/11

Principals to reflect, students to learn about infamous day in U.S. history.

The learning communities of  and will take time to acknowledge the terrorist attacks that took place on Sept. 11, 2001, and honor those lost in the 11 years since.

Principals Steve Ryan and Mike Matyas of Central and Mendham, respectively, will share a message of remembrance Tuesday morning, followed by a moment of reflection, according to the . 

"Students will be encouraged to recognize the courage of those who not only gave their lives on that day, but also the men and women who continue to serve our country today," Lichatin said. "Students will have the opportunity to commemorate the event in history classes as teachers emphasize the idea of public memory in the study of our past."

Some classes will discuss the challenges faced in a post-9/11 world regarding issues of liberty, justice, and security, Lichatin said.

"Students need to understand the magnitude of that event in the lives of all Americans and how it has helped to shape who we are today."

In the summer of 2011, , and advocates for 9/11 victim's families, released a curriculum guide called "Learning From The Challenges of Our Times: Global Security, Terrorism and 9/11 in the Classroom."

The guide is a collection of more than 100 lessons for grades K-12, customized for the maturity and suitability of broaching these topics at each grade level. Along with lessons directly on Sept. 11, it contains lessons that discuss related historical events, bullying, racial profiling, how to work past personal fears, the use of music and art to heal, and the different walks of life that make up life in America.

The West Morris Regional School District is in the process of launching the writing of its curriculum this month, Lichatin said. It will be a collaborative effort by teachers from both high schools and will adhere to the Common Core Standards that have been adopted by New Jersey, she added.

susan September 10, 2012 at 02:14 PM
a small prayer of Thanks to all who have given their life for this wonderful country.
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