Long Valley Student Proves Power of Alternative Energy, Hopes to 'Change The World'

Sixth-grader Matt Gluck took his social studies project to the next level with a video campaign and demonstration.

Matt Gluck
Matt Gluck

Matt Gluck wants to change the world by using alternative energy.

But he’s not just telling people about it – he’s showing them how.

Gluck, a sixth-grader at Long Valley Middle School, recently completed his Change the World project as a student in Matt Marciano’s social studies class.

Marciano’s annual community project has gained plenty of attention over the years, as students are tasked with choosing a way to help and give back to the community, whether it be a donation drive for a local food shelter, online campaign to help smokers quit, or teach physically handicapped children how to play sports.

Gluck’s project went to a different level, however, as the baseball player made a six-minute video demonstrating how one day’s solar panel harvesting of the sun’s rays could illuminate his backyard batting cage for a night session.

In the video, Gluck explains that the world will some day run out of fossil fuels – coal, gas, and oil – and the time to explore alternative energy such as solar, wind and water is now.

Gluck also takes viewers to the Cooper Mill in Chester to explain how the use of water-fueled energy was used prior to the existence of electricity.

To get the word out about his video, Gluck aired 15-second trailers on Instagram with the web address of the full YouTube video. His parents also helped by posting it on their Facebook pages.

Gluck took his teacher’s challenge to heart, and has set out to truly change the world. As the video shows, he’s well on his way. 

mrs birch June 09, 2014 at 06:03 PM
Matt - nice work, you are a great speaker!
Mr X June 10, 2014 at 08:41 AM
Experimenting with other sources of energy is great, but today's solar panels are expensive, and you pretty much need to cover your roof to get enough power to run an average home. Then you have to worry about cloudy days and not charging those batteries, or having to rely on the grid. Solar and even wind power have a long time to go before theyre efficient enough to produce enough power to be economical. In the mean time we have to stop the bashing of natural gas, oil, nuclear and coal. It's all we have at the moment and insane over-regulation and taxes won't lessen the demand. People want what they want and they don't want to "cut down" for the sake of "the planet"
outdoorindoor June 10, 2014 at 10:35 AM
So many excellent projects have been completed by these students, and this is just one of them. Matt, you have done an excellent job with this, and alternative energy sources of many kinds are necessary so that the world no longer has to depend on resources that harm the planet in so many destructive ways. You are a real credit to yourself. Keep up the good work!


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