Twp. Schools OK 1% Budget Drop For '12-'13

Average homeowner will save $4 annually in next budget cycle.

Washington Township residents will officially see decreases in their school tax bill for both districts after the K-8 board of education voted to approve its 2012-13 expenditure plan, which carries a tax levy that is 1-percent lower than the current budget. 

The total budget comes in at $41,684,583 with a tax levy of $30,409,527. That tax levy–the portion affecting the taxpayer–is subject to a state mandated 2-percent cap, and actually comes in 1-percent lower than the current levy.

The tax rate for the approved budget is $1.134 for every $100 on the average home in Washington Township, assessed at $436,000. That rate is down 0.001 from the current tax rate of $1.135. The impact for a Washington Township taxpayer with that home value is $4,944.24 annually; down $4.36 from the current school year.

Washington Twp. Schools Budget Tax Levy Overall Budget State Aid Tax Rate 2011 $30,705,982  $42,075,649  $7,411,513  $1.135 2012 $30,409,527
 $41,684,583  $7,997,562  $1.134

In the new budget, all current levels of curricular and co-curricular activities will remain, according to the budget outline.

World Language curriculum will also be extended in the sixth grade to a third of the year, rather than a fifth.

The district received $7,997,562 in state aid for the coming school year, an increase of $586,049. Unlike this year, however, the district did not receive federal aid. For the current budget, Washington Township was given $291,723 in federal money.

, and Washington Township saw a decrease of $19 annually for a homeowner with a $500,000 home.

2012 Home Value Tax Rate Annual Tax Impact Annual Change Washington Township $436,000 $1.134 $4,944.24 ($4.36) West Morris Regional $436,000 $0.5254 $2,290.74


2011 Home Value Tax Rate Annual Tax Impact Washington Township $436,000 $1.135 $4,948.60 West Morris Regional $436,000 $0.5292 $2,307.31

have an enrollment of 2,556 for the 2011-12 school year, and currently project a 3.36-percent drop for 2012-13, with a pupil population of 2,470.

Neither budget will be voted on, as has been the customary practice, as both their respective this year.

By doing so, a public vote on the budget is eliminated for the next four years under a new law.

MTSO March 28, 2012 at 11:33 AM
The Washington Township decrease is a joke. The amount of students and facilities required drop yet the tax levy is flat. I guess a slush fund is needed for our new school bus maintenance facility that no taxpayer wants...
willbur March 28, 2012 at 03:17 PM
Yup MTSO!!! Plus a "committee" needs to be organized to decide what to do with the new huge school that had to be built, now with decreasing enrollment!!>>>> http://longvalley.patch.com/articles/schools-residents-to-talk-enrollment-issue


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