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Wacky Weather Alters School Calendars

Regional, local boards OK school on holidays.

Due to inclement weather, there will be no school today.

Before the first weekend of November, 2011, students in the and West Morris Regional High School districts had heard that glorious phrase four times because of extraordinary weather circumstances.

On Sept. 8, that closed roads throughout Washington Township.

As October came to a close, an autumn storm , shutting down .

So before the first marking period of the school year could end, both districts had to find ways to make up those lost days before the winter months–and potentially more weather-related closings–came up.

The Washington Township District has decided to have full school days on Jan. 16, which is recognized federally as Martin Luther King Day. School will also be in session on Monday and Tuesday, Feb. 20 and 22, respectively, instead of a four-day weekend for Presidents' Day.

The West Morris Regional District has taken a similar approach. Both West Morris Central and Mendham High Schools will be open for a half day on Jan. 16. The district will be open for a half day on Monday, Feb. 20, and a full day on Tuesday, Feb. 21.

If the districts are forced to make more than three or less than three weather-related closings between now and the end of the school year, calendars will undergo further revisions.


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