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Athlete of the Week: Fencers Grab 'E' Rating

Senior co-captains looking forward to competing at next level.

Winning is paramount in sports, as all athletes will attest, but individual accolades and achievements can play a major role in one’s continuing performance.

For ’s female fencing captains, Lindsey Severud and Courtney Dietsche, the early part of their final high school season has brought the first of those accolades, as both have attained an ‘E’ rating in the sport.

The girls, both 17, claim the rating is just the first step in a fencing tenure they hope will continue for years to come.

Long Valley Patch congratulates Lindsey Severud and Courtney Dietsche for their achievement and names them Athletes of the Week.

Long Valley Patch: How long have you been fencing, and what drew you to the sport?
Lindsey Severud: I’ve been fencing for four years, two of which were solely through the high school. I saw that fencing was on the roster of sports that the school offered, and wanted to see what fencing was like. So, I joined the team.
Courtney Dietsche: I have been fencing since freshman year. I was drawn to fencing because I had an interest in weaponry and fencing seemed like an awesome sport that combined my interests and physical activity.

LVP: What does it mean for you to attain this ranking?
LS: It means a lot because I have finally achieved the goal I have had for just over a year now, and it is proof that my work has, and will, continue to pay off. Getting my ‘E’ has been a huge step forward and will serve as a push to keep up my hard work.
CD: Obtaining my ‘E’ is just a milestone to me. I am elated at my accomplishment, but I also recognize that I want to achieve more and to do so, I have to work even harder than before.

LVP: Would you like to compete in college? Any plans for where you’ll be attending?
LS: I absolutely plan on competing in college, but do not know yet where I’ll be attending.
CD: I definitely plan to compete, even if I’m not fencing for a school team. I plan on studying Civil Engineering in college, but have not committed to a shool yet.

LVP: What are your favorite activities outside of school and fencing?
LS: I enjoy reading and constantly have music playing. We also foster cats for the Pet Adoption League, so we get to spend time socializing many adorable kittens.
CD: I enjoy playing video games, spending time outdoors, doing puzzles and drawing.

Eileen Stokes December 30, 2011 at 01:50 PM
Awesome start to the season, Girls. May it be the first of many high points.


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