Athlete of the Week: 'Hogs' Lead Wolfpack Attack

A group of players receives this week honor from Long Valley Patch.

The unsung heroes of any football team are the guys usually bunched up at the line of scrimmage, throwing blocks or getting knocked over on every single play.

The offensive line, a string of teammates that protect the quarterback, and lead the way for runners, are the first to make contact on any play. They don’t get the touchdowns or the accolades the skill position players do, but they’re usually the reason for the offensive success.

The West Morris Central Wolfpack football team is off to a 2-0 start in 2011, and the offensive line–more affectionately known as the Hogs–is a major component of that success. The offense has the first two games, . The team has gone above 300 rushing yards in each of the two victories.

Long Valley Patch’s Athletes of the Week are the Hogs–West Morris Central’s Offensive Line–for its tremendous work early in the season. Long Valley Patch asked three lineman a handful of questions, and their answers are below. Chris Carfaro, 17, is the left guard; Tyler Zgombic, 18, is the center; and Nick Hamilton, 17, is the right guard. All are seniors.

What are your hopes for the team this year?
All three ‘hogs’ left no room for indecision, saying that a state championship is the finish line for their final high school season. “Our goal is always to work hard and ultimately win the state championship,” Carfaro said. Hamilton went a step further, saying he’d like the team to strive for the first perfect season in Wolfpack history.

What do you like best about playing for WMC?
The three offensive linemen agreed that the camaraderie with their teammates was the best part of playing for West Morris Central.  “Getting the job done with my teammates and coaching staff,” Zgombic said.

“What I like about playing for WMC is the camaraderie of our team and the smash mouth football our team plays,” Carfaro said.

“The bonds with my teammates, the incredible atmosphere on game day, and our ‘smack ‘em in the mouth’ style of football,” Hamilton said. “Because of the school’s football tradition, playing for the Pack sets us apart from others."

Favorite things to do off the field?
When the young men aren’t playing football, they’re either playing other sports, helping siblings or hanging out with their friends. Hamilton plays ice hockey and lacrosse for the Wolfpack during the winter and spring seasons, respectively. Carfaro also plays lacrosse. Zgombic said he likes helping out his younger brother’s football team in his spare time as well.

Plans for college? Possibly playing at the next level?
Carfaro will be attending the University of Scranton next year, and playing lacrosse there. Zgombic said he’d like to play football at the next level, and plans on majoring in physical education in college. He’d like to coach football at some level after that. Hamilton said he’d like to play at the next level, depending on which college he chooses to attend. He’s currently looking at schools ranging from Boston College to the University of Miami.


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