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Church Group to Embark on International Mission Trip

Long Valley Presbyterian sponsors trip to Dominican Republic to help underprivileged.

For the past decade, a group of youth and adults from have been travelling each summer to the Dominican Republic. These trips have not been about resort living at Punta Cana. These trips have been about sharing blessings with those in need.

The LVPC group has travelled under the direction of the Foundation for Peace (www.foundationforpeace.org), whose mission is to work hand in hand with people in materially impoverished areas of the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Kenya to provide educational support, healthcare access, economic opportunity and hope. The mission trips are multi-faceted: focused on developing friendships with the local people and including construction, medical care and educational activities. 

The Long Valley group has travelled for years to a community in Santo Domingo, the capital city of the Dominican Republic. The group has had a hand in the building of three churches, two schools and a water treatment facility that has provided inexpensive clean water to the entire community. 

They have provided medical care to thousands of people who might not ever have another opportunity to see a medical professional. They have run special activity days for hundreds of children, and have played in numerous softball games with kids in the communities where they have worked. 

Most importantly, they have seen a change in the community, thanks to the work they have done. And the long-term relationships that have been developed between our prosperous community in New Jersey, and that disadvantaged community in a country so different from this one, has been the most gratifying part of the experience, and one that has changed the lives of all who have participated.

While Long Valley Presbyterian has been fortunate enough to sponsor these trips, they have included many other members of the Long Valley community and surrounding towns. All who are interested (those who are signed up so far range in age from 15-60+) are welcome to participate. 

This year’s trip leaves Friday, June 29 and returns Sunday, July 8. The trips run very smoothly with the help of ample security, good healthy meals, plenty of clean drinking water, and a safe and comfortable place to stay. And yes, there’s even a day to go to the beach!

If you are interested in participating in this wonderful opportunity, or just want more information, please feel free to contact Susan Sullivan at sullyisqueen@yahoo.com or search for the “LVPC trip to the Dominican Republic” page on Facebook.

Information provided by Susan Sullivan.


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