Santa Set to Ride With Fairmount Fire Company Saturday

Firefighters will escort jolliest man of the year around immediate coverage areas in Tewksbury, Washington Township.

When you hear the screaming sirens and see the flashing lights on the road this weekend, you may want to stay right where you are rather then get out of the way.

The Fairmount Fire Company will escort the one and only Santa Claus around its immediate response area, stopping at homes for residents to meet with the jolliest man of the season.

Santa will leave the Fairmount station around noon on Dec. 14 and visit homes in the Tewksbury Township area on the following roads:

  • Apple Lane
  • Tiger Drive
  • Whitenack Road
  • Pace Farm Road
  • Salters Farm Road
  • Terill Drive
  • Coddington Lane
  • Dege Farm Road

Firefighters will then bring Santa to Washington Township between 2 and 3 p.m., and stop on the following roads:

  • Abedim Way
  • Tall Timber Drive
  • West Valley Brook Road
  • Samantha Lane
  • Shenandoah Court
  • Sierra Drive
  • Ryan Court
  • Jordan Court
  • Christopher Drive
  • Liberty Hills Court
  • Parker Acres
  • Krista Court
  • Parker Road
  • Sun Valley Way
  • Fleming Court 

The big guy will hand out candy canes and say hello to anyone who waves. Don’t forget to tell him what you want for Christmas!


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