Giovanny Infante
At Fairleigh Dickinson University I studied Communications/Television Broadcasting/International Business.  I've been passionate about writing from a very young age where i would use it as my best form of communication.  I've written columns on subjects like college-life in the Newark area, where i covered topics such as, dining and drinking, health, economics, sports, interviews and many more.  Having played several sports through-out high school and college (Football and Swimming, collegiality, Basketball and Track & Field in high school) i am very experienced in the world of sports.  Nothing makes me happier than covering sport events.  Other than sports i am interested in music, style and i am in love with exotic foods and really cant say no to eating anything out of the norm.  Basically, there is no subject I'm not willing to cover, this is something i've wanted to do since I was a child so its all enjoyment for me.
"and his own story was as curious as his narrative: the tale of his life was the tale of a writer of an incredible mission - an astute analyst and pundit, a lyricist compassionate to the callous, a reckless hedonist and disaffected malcontent.”
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