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My wife and I moved our family from New York City out to Long Valley in summer of 2007.  We love the country living!
We live on Schooley's Mountain with our two daughters and crazy dog Quincy. Some would say that I have an addiction to running, but I'd call it more of a healthy obsession.  It's more than just running, it's overall fitness and health.  Truth be told, my wife forces me out of the house to run, because I become unbearable if I don't run! If you drive around Schooley's Mountain in the morning, you have probably seen me running (I'm the guy who carries the bottle) or riding my bike.  I'm usually out early, getting my workout in before the craziness of the day starts. Outside of my "healthy obsession" and my job, other interests include architecture, wine & food, and reading. I'll be orchestrating a blog on health & fitness in Long Valley.  I know a little bit about blogging, but I'm constantly learning so please give me feedback!
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