$5K Stands Between 10-Year Contract for Twp. and Verizon

Township Committee waiting on funds to restore road damage caused by communications company after months of removing broken telephone poles.

An anticipated vote to renew the contract for Verizon’s business in Washington Township was tabled Monday night after the municipality and communications company still had some unfinished business to complete.

An ordinance was scheduled to be approved that would “regulate the statutory authority of Verizon New Jersey Inc., its successors and assigns to use the various public streets, roads, avenues, highways and other public ways in the township of Washington.”

But the motion was tabled when the committee revealed the township was still owed $5,000 for road restoration from the company, according to town administrator Andrew Coppola.

This wasn’t the first issue between both entities, after months had gone by without Verizon fixing the broken, splintered, cracked and left-behind poles from Superstorm Sandy damage.

There were 30 poles that needed to be removed altogether. The issue wasn’t properly taken care of until earlier this year.

It is anticipated, Coppola said, that the $5,000 will be received by the township prior to the committee’s March 17 regular meeting, at which time the governing body may approve the ordinance. Once approved, the contract is good for 10 years, Coppola said. 

History WT February 18, 2014 at 11:33 PM
Good on the TC. You see those all over town. And could they have an impact on power, Jason?


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