Official: Enrollment Issue Making Progress

Community Advisory Committee set to meet again on June 12.

Progress is being made in potential changes that could affect the district due to projected enrollment drops, according to Community Advisory Committee chairperson and board of education member Michelle Munley.

The committee was and has been meeting every few weeks. Discussions have centered around the district continuing its education standards while considering changes in facilities, .

The group’s most recent meeting, held on May 17, went over the current districts assigned to each school, and what the positive and negative of those currently are, and how they may be changed.

“We’ve been looking at short term opportunities and long-term opportunities in this process,” Munley said. “We’re looking at different district models and different ways of doing things.”

A new districting model, for example, could allocate individual schools for individual grades, i.e. Kossman for all the township’s kindergarten and first grade students, with holding all the township’s second and third grade students, and so on.

Munley said the process is being looked at in a pro and con fashion, and the list of cons is currently longer than the plus side.

“We’ve discussed a lot of options so far, and nothing has been thrown out yet,” she said.

Munley said about 20 to 25 of the committee’s original 40 or so members have been consistently attending the meetings and giving input.

“We’ve been able to maintain the diversity of residents involved in this process,” Munley said. “We have empty-nesters, retired residents, teachers and parents of pre-schoolers and school-aged children working on this.”

As for changes to the new school year beginning in Sept. 2012, Munley said it might be too soon for anything to be put into place just yet.

The committee next meets at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, June 12 at . Residents are welcomed to attend. 

Elizabeth June 01, 2012 at 03:12 AM
This exercise is complete lunacy. Close Flocktown or Kossman. I can not believe these people have the nerve to float the idea of bussing kids accross the town as a solution to the projected school population decrease. Really? And what will that do?
MTSO June 01, 2012 at 05:13 AM
What a joke of a a committee. Everyone just loves coming up with new ideas and opportunities to keep them open. Stop ignoring the taxpayers and close one or more schools and lower our taxes. Where are the comments supporting this committee?
LVMom June 01, 2012 at 07:27 PM
okay here's the thing.. as the WMC is no longer welcome in WM district.. lets start with creating a k-12 district then WE can look at how to bolster our home values with GREAT schools. -- magnets, lower taxes through combined resources (admin/boe/etc) unique offerings, and dropping IB for AP (saves money and gives our students more options and meet the needs of 90+% of our students). best of all we can really look at what works and implement it. (rather then each school per grade how about 'specialty' math/science, eng/history, arts... or use part of one (flocktown or kosman would work) as magnet for gifted - only in area we'd get people moving here for that... let's take back our schools. --
Claire June 01, 2012 at 09:04 PM
Lvmom aka La Quin, how can wt not be welcome in their own district. Do you let a small group of medham township people bully you? Most in chesters and mend boro do not feel that way so first let's not group everyone from WMM into that small group. The way the WT BOE and school admin has directed our k-8 in the past 12 years, there is no way I would vote to let them ruin this school district even more than has already happened. Wmc is a good school, since your a homeschooler, you may not realize the opportunities it opens up for students. Let's keep it that way.
Just Sayin' June 06, 2012 at 05:43 PM
I would not want our K-8 administrators in charge of a K-12. They still didn't restore our gifted and talented program to the level it was and is way behind Chester/Mendham programs for these children. Our K-8 administrators are all about providing the red carpet for those with special needs and have lost focus on all the rest. The current House and Class structure at the middle school also helps them spread out classroom use as to deceive those looking in and also limits their ability to offer more world languages, as one example. There was a time when LVMS offered 3 languages, and I don't think the school population was much smaller, heck I think they did have 5th grade there when they had more offerings!!! Go figure. Close a school and bring the resources back directly to the students. I am sorry that jobs may be lost, but this is a regular occurance in the corporate world, and those who may be let go will make it just like everyone else who has had a set back in their life!


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